British Values

British Values at BVGA

We at BVGA are keen to promote our shared values as part of our academy’s ethos.  These include:

  • o Democracy
  • o The Rule of Law
  • o Individual Liberty
  • o Respect and Tolerance of everyone

Our broad and balanced curriculum, including the Citizenship curriculum, which is delivered through daily Tutor Time and through Citizenship Days, actively encourages all staff and students to explore, understand, identify with, and practise these British values.

Pastoral care and work with parents are outstanding.   All staff are vigilant about any indication that a student may be experiencing problems, and students are aware of the vast range of help available to them. Staff know that any issue of suspected danger of radicalisation or extremism should be dealt with in exactly the same way as any other Child Protection issue.  This is included in Safeguarding Training for all staff.


Our students go on to become thoughtful, considerate and confident citizens, with a clear moral sense, and a determination to engage with British values, and to contribute positively to the society in which they live, study and work. 

Many students take part in volunteering and fundraising, both within school and beyond.  We are an NCS Partner School since 2018.  This is an inclusive government-funded programme aimed at training students aged 16 and 17 to play a positive and energetic part in valuable community projects.

Student-led fundraising at BVGA is outstanding, and a very broad spectrum of charities is covered.  Students delight in taking part in national charity events such as Children In Need and Red Nose Day.  The fundraising calendar is defined and organised by the Student Executive and the Interact Club.