DT Options Year 8

Hello Year 8 students,

I am writing to tell you about choices that we give to students at the end of year 8 in Design Technology and Food. During year 7 and 8 you have been studying 4 different areas. These are Food, Textiles, Product Design and Graphics. However in year 9 you will only study 2 of these areas. This is to give you more time to gain a deeper knowledge of the subject areas, more time to improve practical skills during longer projects and, if you choose an area for GCSE, give you a strong start in year 10.

Usually your Design Technology and Food teachers would speak to you in lessons during this half term about the different areas in year 9 and at GCSE. We would give you information and ask everyone in year 8 to list their two favourite Design Technology or Food areas, also a third ‘reserve’ area to help any complications. However, as school is currently closed Mrs Short will be collecting everyone’s choices as soon as we return.

I wanted to make you aware of these options in Design Technology and Food so you could be thinking about which two areas you would like to study in year 9. I have attached a PowerPoint of information for you to read and if you have any questions you can contact Mrs Short (psh@bvg.ngfl.ac.uk) or Mr Moehr. (rmo@bvg.ngfl.ac.uk)

To clarify. In year 9 you will only study 2 areas. The choices are:

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Textiles
  • Product Design
  • Graphics

As soon as we return to school you will be asked to choose your two favourite and also a reserve .


Mr Moehr.