Exams Update 21 April 2020

Good afternoon

Following my email on 6 April, I can now update you about how school will award grades to students due to complete courses this summer.

For GCSE and A Level subjects we have been asked to submit centre assessed grades. This is the grade we believe, given all the evidence, you would have achieved in the summer. If you did not complete coursework it does not matter, the grade is based on the work completed up until the day school closed.

In Vocational and Technical subjects, which includes BTECs, Cambridge Nationals and Functional Skills, we have been asked to provide calculated grades. This is the grade your teachers think you would have achieved if you had the opportunity to finish the course. The grade includes marks already submitted to the exam boards, for example marks from your January exams.

This video explains the process in more detail https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBu7xS7SRIU1-vCDZPrVzDA

Teachers are working closely with subject leaders, heads of faculty and senior school leaders to ensure the process is fair and that grades are accurate.  We do not want anyone to be disadvantaged by this process. 

You will receive your grades in August - A Level results on Thursday 13 August and GCSE results on Thursday 20 August. We will be in touch later about how you can collect grades.

As I have said before, we know you may be anxious about the grading process but it is really important that you and your parents do not contact teachers to ask what grade you will be given. We have been told by Ofqual that we are not allowed to share this information with you.

As ever, get in touch if you have any questions.

All best wishes


Mrs Anness

Deputy Headteacher (Quality of Education)