Government release further details on exams and assessment

We have now received further information from the Government about the changes to assessment this summer. It is very reassuring and we are pleased to see that our students will not be disadvantaged.

The main points are:

- All examinations due to be held this summer have been cancelled. 

- The Government's priority is to ensure affected students can move on as planned to the next stage in their lives.

- Teachers will be asked to submit final grades to the exam boards. This grade will be based on what the teacher believes the student would have achieved if the exams had gone ahead. 

- In order to decide on the final grade, teachers will consider a range of evidence including mock results and other forms of assessment. 

- Exam boards will combine the data with other relevant data to arrive at a calculated grade. 

- The aim is to provide these grades to students by the end of July. 

- Students will have the opportunity to resit exams once schools are open again, or in the summer of 2021, if they feel their grade is not a true reflection of their performance. 

More information in the link below: 

GOV.UK Further details on exams and grades