Here at Belle Vue Girls' Academy we have a strong tradition of catering for female students' needs for learning. Our courses are offered at all levels from Entry Level to Level 3 so students can progress regardless of their starting point. We are proud of our record in helping students to achieve qualifications, employment and places in further and higher education. We have very strong links with local universities and pride ourselves on our ability to offer precise and detailed advice and guidance not only on a possible career but on the best route into a specific learning or career programme.

AS and A levels each have five hours teaching per week and main vocational programmes at Level 1 and Level 2 have up to fifteen hours, often with an element of work experience. Main programmes are supplemented by courses which broaden student experience and opportunities.

Post 16 Dress Code Details

Dress code:

Plain ‘business style' trousers (black, brown, cream or grey).

A suitable business-style top in similar colours.

If you cover your head, a plain head scarf can be worn.

Dark low-heeled or flat shoes which must have a back 

and sides. Trainers are acceptable but must be plain black in colour.

Outdoor coats, jackets, shawls and hoodies may be worn to and from school but not worn in, and around, the school buildings.

N.B. Denim material of any colour or garment is not allowed.

Students not in the correct dress code may be sent home to change.

In addition:

A sensible bag for books and equipment is essential.

Pens, pencils, coloured pencils, felt tips, glue pen.

Appropriate equipment for specialist subjects e.g. an apron for Art & Design.

All types of school wear and equipment must be clearly marked with the student's name, as this makes the return of lost property more likely.